Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Step Further in -March-

Dear Beloved in the Lord,

We greet you in the name of our Lord who reconciled us to Him.

The Lord unites His people so that He can send them to the ends of the earth. He makes His way through mountains and valleys; He straightens the crooked and heightens the lowlands. Though the way that leads to His kingdom is narrow, He makes it to every village and town and to the ends of the earth that people from every communities or languages can walk through it.

Inroads to Unreached People Groups
Last month, we had received an order of 150 copies of the recent book we published on people groups- Reaching the Mega peoples of India. These 150 books with brief profiles of 150 people group are going to be carried by young graduates from different parts of the country. As we arranged the dispatch, we were praying and seeing in faith that these books will influence multiple readers who in turn will pray and involve in witness among the least reached communities of our country.

We would like to produce another compilation of 30 people profiles soon. More than 2,300 of the major communities of India still have not responded to the gospel after understanding it. Pray that the Lord will send His workers among them.

Family Matters
My father at Nilambur needs special touch by the Lord. He is alone and is in affected emotionally. We need to do some urgent renovation at home so that we will have some shelter to go back. It requires our time. My father is upset with us on different matters. We value your prayers that the Lord will minister to him.

Schooling of Joash
During the Last one week, we were traveling in connection with the education of our children. Japhia has to settle in studies and Jerusha has to start schooling this year.

Along with Joash, I was in Tamil Nadu at two different places for two different kinds of assessment. I have received a brief report of a standard test and waiting for the other repot. Joash has to be put in the right school with resources for remediation. We have realized that Joash needs to go to a normal school with additional professional help. I could not identify any school in Hyderabad. I am not sure if there are any. The schools I had learned about in Chennai and Bangalore are too expensive that we can not afford to. (Each costs more than Rs. 80,000 a year) I am not sure if I can work and earn that myself, though I am open for it. We are open to work elsewhere or relocate to any city or part of the world for a few years if this need can be attended.

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This period is very crucial for us. We appreciate you praying with us. The Lord has assured His reward for everything what we do for others because of Him. (Matthew 10:40ff) Please drop in a few lines about you. We would like to hear from you so that we can update you...

With love and prayerful regards,
Philipose & Jessy

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